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Wattitud, an electrical attitude ! with power, with style, with a great look ! Keep the attitude, keep the look up, enjoy the ride, enjoy the spirit. 

Belgian are huge fans of bikes, cycling and design. Mix it all, in a Belgian pint, shake it strong, with energy (and a few watts !), Wattitud has arrived ! A great design, customised if you wish, fun references and the latest technology. Vintage, old school, american retro, American references ? Harley Davidson is currently developping an electric motorcycle, Wattitud has already moved forward, including the pedaling and smart mobility in its design ! 

Who said E-bikes can't be fashioned, can't be stylish, can't be fun  ?

Riding a Wattitud ebike is making your dream come true (and an healthy one, there are not much like it !)

Contact us for more details regarding the customisation, we will be happy to assist you in the choice of pedals, colors, looks, and saddle ! 

Wattitud - les vélos électriques belges design

All is allowed, all is recommanded, even the craziest ! Technology to be enjoyed !

Wattitud & 2R Aventure personnalisation de vélos vintage électriques 2R Aventure customise vos vélos électriques2R Aventure décline vos envies de vélos électriques2R Aventure le vélo électrique sur mesure2R Aventure le vélo électrique haute couture

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Wattitud - les vélos électriques belges fatbike Wattitud - les vélos électriques belges sport Wattitud - les vélos électriques belges old school