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Simple NOMAD Urban + bike trailer

60 L luggage with a hand welded aluminium frame, 75 Liters

2 side bags

Lighting and signalisation kit,

Weather protection kit,

removable backpack

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Much more than a bike trailer, NOMAD is an innovative concept for outdoor activities.

The Urban module includes:

- A 60 liters luggage with a reinforced waterproof fabric,

- its frame is made of hand welded aluminum and including a telescopic handle and rear wheels

- Two side bags (15 liters of extra storage for only 1.1 kg weight more) pockets on the basic module

- A complete bike trailer kit with universal complete set of fittings and suspension

- A removable backpack with adjustable straps

- A lighting kit and warning flag

- A weather protection kit (complete rain protection for the trailer and additional modules)


First, NOMAD is a suitcase with a capacity of 60 liters. Its aluminum frame is fully welded by hand. His canvas is reinforced with waterproof and UV resistant fabric. Equipped with a telescopic pull handle, NOMAD follows you everywhere in all your travels and trips. You decide to bike ride?

Equip your suitcase with the rear wheel module and your NOMAD becomes within minutes a real trailer. Delivered with a backpack, the NOMAD can also accompany you during your walks.

The basic module includes the 60 liters luggage, the complete bike trailer with full suspension and universal fasteners kit, the backpack, the rain protection covers, lighting kit and a signal flag. 100% modular, you can then add as many additional modules and equipment (side bags, bags, luggage, tent above ground, USB Solar Charger, etc.) and build your NOMAD "a la carte". All modules are equipped with reflective strips enhancing security on the road. On foot, plane or bike NOMAD becomes the indispensable partner of your expeditions.

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Data sheet

NOMAD Urban +
Case dimensions :
70 x 40 x 20 cm
Open dimensions :
200 x 70 cm
Dry weight :
19 Kg
Components (fabric) :
Waterproof and UV resistant nylon fabric
Wheels :
Alloy wheel 12 "- road Tyre x 1
Capacity :
75 Liters
front, sides and rear reflectors, LED lamp clips
Fastening type
Notched axis
height setting
50 ; 65 or 67.5 cm
Storage for camping bag and sleeping bags
Main storage bag
Removable backpack
Safety lightning
Safety flag
Safety Harness
Rear suspension system
Weather protections
"Top Mount" storage bag
Lateral storage bags
Luggage rack :
Luggage rack side bags
Storage bag on luggage rack
En option
Solar Charger for Mobile and computers
Off the ground exclusive system tent
adjustment jack
120 mm

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