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  • Hatch Cover for suspended tents


    This "cover" attaches to the velcro pads in the corners of the central hatch of your tent. This is the ideal way to block cold winds in winter weather.
    Warning: the hatch cover blocks the cold air, but also reduces the ventilation in your tent increasing the risk of condensation. A real cover for cold winters.
    The approximate dimensions - 60 x 60 x 60cm

  • Drink holder for suspended tents


    The drink holder is an insert with three pockets that you can use instead of your central hatch of your tent. It is made of a mosquito net and small pockets for each occupant to put his drink or his personal effects. No jealousy, there's room for everyone! It will fit perfectly  thanks to velcro on each corner of the downside tent. 

  • Treetent STRINGRAY Forest Green


    Set up in 15 minutes, Set up in 15 minutes 3 adults sac de rangement compact dimensions

    Ground surface 7.5 sqm (4.4 x 4.4 x 4.4 m)

    3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children,

  • Lightweight ladder suspended tents


    The Tentsile Webbing Ladder comes with two "quick-link" carabiners. It can be used to access your tree tent when setup at height. A perfect way to reach the height.

    Length - 1.8m 

    Weight - 220g 

    Size when folded - 180 x 120 x 35mm 

  • Tree protectors for suspended tents


    Tree protectors can be used to help prevent damage to the bark.
    The straps are 2m long, come in threes. They are very simple to use with loops at both ends through which you can put your tents straps.
    A nice gesture to protect the forest that hosts you, shelters you and welcomes you.