Wisper Luggage rack carrier

Wisper Luggage rack carrier 

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[Full] This bag is specifically designed for your Wisper electric bike. Manufacturing with care, in its premium quality, it will follow you wherever you go. From the small shopping items to the french baguette or the working papers, tuck all of your equipment and ride in comfort.

[Optimal] This bike panier was specially designed to fit easily on the luggage rack of your Wisper electric bike.

[Effective] Equipped with a quick attach system, it is very easy to use.

[Smart] With its large storage space, it offers many possibilities for storage and preserve the look of your bike.

[Complete] Equipped with a protective cover against the rain, it will ensure complete protection of your equipment.

[Wide opportunities] With its intelligent ZIP system, it moves in seconds into manual bag for even greater opportunities.

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