Aftersales services


Introduction :


The products on 2RAVENTURE are designed and built with the best materials and equipments available on the market. They are designed for daily use. They are tested in adverse conditions.

Before each shipment of your parcel, the products will be strictly controlled.

In case of failure, we recommend that you follow this procedure:

Establishing the diagnosis of the problem:

  • By phone: Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00.
  • By email : 7d/7 :


It is important that we have as much information. Feel free to email us photos, sketches, for more accurate, fast and efficient diagnosis,

This phrase is essential because it allows us to solve many of the problems encountered.

1) The fault is identified and is due to a faulty part and repair does not require the intervention of a specialist:

• As part of the guarantee, we do a Standard Exchange (transportation costs to and parts at our expense).

• In the "Out of warranty", we send you a quote for the prior agreement (cost of parts, transportation costs).


2) failure requires the intervention of a specialist:

• The return may be necessary. Return costs are your responsibility. If the fault is covered by the warranty, we will return the product at our cost after repair. If the fault is not covered by the warranty, we establish an estimate that we will submit for your approval before proceeding with the repair.

• To prevent the return of the product, you can bring the product to a local repairer for a quote and submit it to us. After our agreement repair may be done by the repairer.